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Special offer for regular travelers

If you regularly visit Trnava - going to school, visiting friends or traveling for work, now you can get better price for accommodation in our hostel. You just prepaid more nights depend on your plan. You will have credit of overnight, then you will gradually draw.

You can choose type of room with private bathroom or shared.

Prepaid number of nights

5-10 nights

11-20 nights

21-30 nights

Price in the room with private bathroom

12,00 € 

10,00 €

9,00 € 

Price in the room with shared bathroom

10,00 € 

9,00 €

8,00 € 


Calendar Availability

Basic Information

Spectrum Group public limited operates hostel AGAT.

Hostel AGAT

Jasná 5, Trnava

Hostel is located close to the center of Trnava.
Accommodate from one night to the long term.


Hostel AGAT

Reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone: +421 948 007 088


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